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To the Queens of the Parliament

Gentlemen and friends in the Parliament of 
Vox, I write to you now to express the people's great displeasure at your attempts at civil service.   To that end, I will not be making use of any pompous civility so as to further inflate your self important egos.   You have failed, utterly and miserably, in the task that was set before you at Vox Omnes in every conceivable metric. You have become Queens to the king, letting him run roughshod over your decency and your honor in exchange for the title. We will have no more of it.   By now you will likely hear the sounds of a crowd gathering in front of the parliamentary building, curtesy of a few associates of myself. It does not take much effort these days to incense the common Vox.   As you have proven unwilling to even hear the cries of the poor and the starving, while you gorge yourselves on wine and fine bread, I must remind you that the name of our country is an ancient word for voice, and the people's voice has been strangled out for too long. The people will be heard, and we will facilitate the conversation.   We name ourselves the Vox Populi, the people's voice, so you need not wonder who wrote this letter. You need only look out the window.
-The People

This note, or at least the original copy of it, was found clutched in the hand of the Prime Minister of Vox in XVI.1324, after nearly the entirety of the countries Parliament was killed by a mob within the parliament building.   Before the discovery of the note, it was viewed simply as an act of the mob. Surely aggressive deadly, but sudden. A few were arrested as ringleaders, with most let go after the fact. After it's discovery, the tone changed. Now there was an organization claiming responsibility.    A target.    The government perked up like a whistled for hunting dog, trying to investigate and find the culprit. Many of those arrested before were arrested again to be reexamined, with far fewer being released.    Such barbaric violence scared away some civilians, while it emboldened others to their own forms of demonstration. Fewer and fewer were left in the middle aisle, and once a group taking the name of the supposed author of the letter almost predicting the death of Parliament came forward, there was no going back.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)

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