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Assasination as Prelude to the Bloody Summer

To Her Royal Majesty Queen Amas, Minister of War Balfas, and General Cadau,   [encryption code green-green-red; offset 13; begin 7S]   The governor of Angis is dead, murdered by assassins sent from Camryg .   We need troops. The city guard has had to abandon the people, there is no one to protect them. There is rioting. All available guardsmen are protecting the governor's mansion and archives.   We have barricaded the archives in hopes that the records will be protected and the building not set ablaze. The information there and at the Governor's place are essential.   We are in a war and have been for decades. We have just been fighting it poorly. Camryg pushes and pushes and we let them. They raid our border towns and we pretend they are merely bandits. Bandits we haven't been able to find or stop. The offer trifles in trade and take our best food and fabrics and weaponry. We will face the work of our own smiths in the coming weeks.   There is no peace to be had, not now and not over the negotiating table until there has been a sufficient force to demonstrate, at least for this generation, that we are not weak. Camryg thinks that because we have not retaliated, that we will not, or cannot.   If you do not respond, with troops and a resolve as deep as the Southern Sea, I vow that Angis will do it for you. We will settle the city, unite the province, raise the militia and drive Camryg back over their borders. We will follow the bandits back to their lairs and remove them entirely. It will not matter what side of the border we find them. We will block all trade that comes through here either to or from our nations. And then we will move on them ourselves.   If we stand alone through this, we will continue to do so afterwards. No government that does not have the safety and prosperity of its people as its first priority, is no government to be subjected to.   Majesty, Minister, and General - the time for doing that which is right and necessary is now.   Respectfully, Captain @Mil, Captain of the Angis guard and General over the Militia   [decrypted by Agent: Offspring of a Green Pig]


The letter that documented the beginning of the Bloody Summer War.
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