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The title is extremely misleading as one with the title "Harbinger" does not annunciate the presence of something. A harbinger is more akin to a world-seer. They are able to see the happenings of other planets, galaxies, or realms. This skill must be trained in order to adequately be used.


Harbingers are not appointed by any special means or titles. They are either born with the gift or are able to acquire it later in life.


The responsibilities of Harbingers depend heavily upon the realm, galaxy, planet, or culture the person is a part of.


On simpler or less advanced planets, Harbingers are seen as useless and so their abilities are mostly ignored and disregarded. Compared to the treatment of Harbingers on Asgard where they are regarded as a type of royalty and are in constant contact with the actual line of royalty.   In Vanaheim, Harbingers are highly favored but are not as esteemed as they are in Asgard. Their abilities are used sparingly and are not to be abused or overused for fear of corruption.   On Earth, Harbingers are often accosted, treated harshly, and believed to be cursed. They face extreme amounts of persecution, especially from religious groups.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Currently, there is no known way to remove the power of a Harbinger other than through death.

Notable Holders

Heimdall Heimdall, aka The Bridgekeeper, was the first known being to acquire the power of world-seeing. He used this power to watch the Bifröst and protect Asgard from invasions by other realms. He is the greatest known wielder of this title and power.   Cassiopeia Cassiopeia was a priestess on Earth, originally from the Alfheim realm. She was banished to Midgard after gaining the ability of a world-seer. On Earth, she used her ability to predict the "future". She had the ability to predict the outcome of battles or gain knowledge from secret meetings from impossible distances away. Eventually, she was marked as a traitor, hunted down, and killed for being a witch by a Roman king.
Magical, Honorific
Alternative Naming
First Holder
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