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Jungle tribes

If they would have stopped fighting each other they could have been a serious threat.
Ashur I

There is only very little information to be found about the jungle tribes of the north due to their mostly oral traditions.

What is known is that the tribes were continuously striving for each others resources. These resources were usually water or food sources or possibly strategically important places.

When the Xalnans came into the region and made contact with the tribes they reacted by fighting each other even more fiercely because everyone wanted Xalna to help them against the others.

According to oral stories written down by Xalnans this time period is the one with the most amount of fighting and bloodshed in the tribes history. Even though Xalna tried to take an impartial stance in the matter, the tribes realised that the last one standing could rise to new heights with Xalna.

After Xalna realised the amount of bloodshed that was happening because of them, they decided that it would be better if they went in with the military and just took over the lands and enforced Xalnan law, which prevented citizens to slaughter one another.

Xalna did march in with their armies and very quickly overran the tribes, mostly thanks to their lack of coordination. At the same time Xalna tried to minimize killings and started teaching Xalnan culture and laws to prisoners and civilians.

About four years after Xalna made contact with the tribes, the tribe lands were completely under Xalnan rule. In the aftermath there were some historians trying to collect information about these tribes with the most important conclusion being that they were a different species from the two other Xalnan ones.

Due to a misunderstanding of their culture this species was named Rurid, but it later turned out that it was probably just the name of one of the tribes.

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