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Thomas Anybody

(a.k.a. The Lighthouse Man / TA)

Thomas Anybody is a member of the Lighthouse Foundation, and acts as its mysterious benefactor. Older than even the Council of Magisters and Eidolon, Thomas is functionally immortal and protected from practically anything by an amulet that he wears; milennia ago, a deal with one of the Overseers gave him wisdom and immortality in exchange for a deep compassion for humanity (because "Compassion is far more painful a burden over an eternity than mere apathy").   A great threat like the opening of a transitory portal between the nether-dimension and the temporal one has stirred his concern, and he financed the Lighthouse Foundation in order to monitor those who have already traveled through, and prevent them from opening a portal large enough for She-In-The-Shadows to come through.

Wavy and white

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