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Seasons are dividers between adventures in the DesChaVerse. In game terms each Season covers the entirety, or a large part of, a specific narrative. For the most part the contuinity is whole, although like a lot of large comic universes, there are alternate continuities. But that's okay.  

Official Seasons


Season I

  • Featured the original heroes as they dealt with high school life in Momoyuri University.

Season II

  • Introduced the [[Black Diamond]] organisation, Suisei Miyamuri, and students from Momoyuri's rival school Senta University.
  • Resulted in the defeat of the Black Diamond Eight, and Kideiko McPierce's revelation as the director of MOSS9.

Season III

  • Introduced Ichidai Takahashi, and his friends, from Senta.
  • The [[School Wars]] escalate, forcing MOSS9 and allied forces to intervene.

Season IV

  • Introduced the Zodiac 12.
  • Various Momoyuri and Senta students graduate and begin their professional lives.

Season V

  • Introduced the Black Diamond Aces and the Joker, later revealed to be Kideiko.
  • Kideiko is killed but not without destroying a significant portion of Central City Central City.

Season VI

  • Smilers begin to migrate into DesCha en masse. Smiler League is founded.
  • A new set of characters begin study at Senta and Momoyuri.
  • The Miyamuri-Shiroi children begin manifesting their powers.

Season VII

  • A tear in the DesChaVerse introduces the Assassin's Guild and several other foes.
  • The Black Diamond reform once more under a new leader.
  • The Seven Swords meet, all intent on taking each other's weapons.

Season VIII

  • The DesChaVerse tear attracts the attention of the Overseers.
  • The Seven Sword saga culminates in Ichidai's nephew Daisuke stealing the swords and vanishing.
  • The tear forces the Overseers to close Earth from any cross-dimensional interference indefinitely, concluding the initial run of DesCha.

Season IX

  • This is the current season of play.

Alternate Continuity Seasons


Season AD1

  • All DesCha After Dark play took place in this alternate continuity.

Season OV1

  • All beach play and OVA situations take place in this semi-alternate continuity.

Season G1

  • All DesCha: Generations play took place in this alternate continuity.

Season IX-a (alternate continuity)

  • The Tranquility Point, created after Grade destroys DesCha using a superweapon, restores fragments of the country, albeit in a heavily decayed state.
  • Only selected characters survive the cataclysm.

Season X-a (alternate continuity)

  • DesCha is slowly rebuilding as new threats endager the fragile state of life in the country.
  • Descendants of PCs from Seasons I-VI arrive to help keep the peace.

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