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[CC] 9.04 I Hate Women


The Book Club demean DEIMOS, causing a small row between the two groups. A raft of giant insects invade the city and it’s up to the crew to try and stop the assault on Gladwell Park. They successfully defeat the bugs but leave the gaping tunnel alone for the moment. Meanwhile, at a DEIMOS press conference, Grade and several DEIMOS officials almost get rained on by bug splatter, saved at the last moment by the timely intervention of the Orbital Team.   DEIMOS confronts Mori Seiran about the aloof behaviour of John Doe and ask that an eye be kept on him. Polaris shakes Mori’s hand in agreement (and does his “special trick”), and Mori later finds out that Polaris irradiated his palm, effectively giving him cancer. John excises the tumour, and implants a tracking device while Mori is passed out.   Meanwhile, Ivelanti Spandau appears at the front of Manor Black in Biblos…

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