The Denary Realms

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The Denary Realms, commonly known as Etaen, are a set of nine flat worlds. They revolve around an enormous tower, known as The Grand Axion which spins in place inside of a vast lake filled with crystal water. The entirety of Etaen exists inside the body of a Primeval, member of a group of supernatural beings which float around in the Great Beyond.   Etaen is a world heavily influenced by magic as it is part of the natural order. It allows the worlds to stay in place as they rotate and for the residents of each world to perform magnificent tasks. Simply put without magic, there would be no life in Etaen at least not in a good way.   The main focus of any sessions taking place in Etaen, will be the world of Aell. Aell is a multicultural, surface world. Gods have long forsaken or have been banished from Aell and the denizens have learnt to rely on their own means, of which they have plenty with the aid of technology and magic. The world has been built around a homebrew set of rules, using the D&D 5e template, called U.D.I.E.D. (Umbriferous Deipnosophists In Eviternity Divagated).



A World Without Gods

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

A group of heroes starts an adventure of a lifetime. Delving into a world abandoned by the gods, fueled with magic and intrigue, will they become heroes or villains?

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  • Map of NE Map
  • Map of Mandrel, The Median City

    Mandrel, The Median City is a map of Mandrel as if drawn by hand.

  • Map of SE Map
  • Map of NW Map
  • Map of NC Map
  • Map of CS Map
  • Map of Central Aell

    Starting map, the central part of Aell

  • Map of SW Map