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Within The Great Beyond lies the world of Etaen, or The Denary Realms. Etaen exists within a Primeval's body, Phanes, like all worlds in The Great Beyond.   Initially built as a single entity, a large piece of land that contained all living things, Etaen was largely damaged by a series of wars over a course of hundreds of years and was finally destroyed during the Blight. Rebuilt by the Avatar of Phanes, it was decided to split the races among themselves and create nine distinct realms:
  • Aell, the Mortal Realm. The greatest realm in terms of population and size. Also contains the largest variation between races. Its denizens are known as Aellirians.
  • Krell, the Lubricitous Realm. A desolate realm, resembling something of a wasteland. Its denizens indulge in their basic desires and are known as Krellians.
  • Ruslam, the Natural Realm. A lush realm, with huge forests and natural elements. Its denizens are akin to bestial humanoids and are known as Ruslamanians.
  • Zoya, the Duplicate Realm. A realm unique in its nature as it is inhabited on both of its sides, up and down. Its denizens are known as Zoyians.
  • Radeya, the Hollow Realm. The middle realm, smallest in size but not significance. It has a hollow middle, allowing to stand still while Euon moves the rest of them. It currently remains uninhabited.
  • Tael, the Aphotic Realm. A dark realm, as its denizens have create boundaries at the end of their world which allow for little light to pour through. Its denizens are known as Taellians.
  • Saaxir, the Elemental Realm. A vibrant realm which consists of several large islands floating over a centralized lake. Its denizens are known as Saaxians.
  • Neptyr, the Liquid Realm. A realm consisting entirely of water. Its denizens reside underwater and are known as Neptyrians.
  • Telhea, the Eventual Realm. Also known as the Realm of Souls. It is the final resting place for the souls of those who die in any of the other realms where they stay awaiting judgment. Besides the souls only the High Judges and the Vigil reside in Telhea.
  These Nine Realms alongside Mantea, where the Divine Beings reside are what is known collectively as The Denary Realms. Together with Macaria and Euon they form Etaen. The terms Etaen and The Denary Realms are often used in lieu of each other.   Etaen is a world heavily influenced by magic as it is part of the natural order. It allows the worlds to stay in place as they rotate and for the residents of each world to perform magnificent tasks. Simply put without magic, there would be no possibility to sustain life in Etaen, at least not in a good or productive way.   The main focus of any initial sessions taking place in Etaen, will be within the world of Aell. Aell is a multicultural, surface world with land and sea. Gods have long forsaken willingly or unwillingly Aell and the denizens have learnt to rely on their own means, of which they have plenty with the aid of technology and magic. The world has been built around a homebrew set of rules, called U.D.I.E.D. (Umbriferous Deipnosophists In Eviternity Divagated).

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