"Lord Forester, watchful and eternal. You shall not know rest as long as our two worlds blossom. You shall tread upon an ever precarious borderland. Please forgive me for this curse I have wrought upon you."
— King Daighne Arundel to Haralt de Hue, first Lord Forester
  The Lord-Forester is a diplomatic title within the Kingdom of Dane and acts as the head of the Order of the Glades. The position of Lord-Forester is, to many in Dane, considered paramount to the peace and tranquility of the land. Because of this, the Lord-Forester is often requested to sit in on important deals regarding trade, security, and foreign relations.   In order for one to hold the title of Lord-Forester, one must become or ascend to the Countship of Dorsill and uphold the powers and laws of said office.


The Lord-Forester's duty, first and foremost, is to uphold the King's Law within the vast forests that make up Dorsill. To do this, the Lord-Forester utilizes agents known as "Rangers" to walk the roads, trails, thorps and hamlets that inhabit Dorsill and combat rogue elements that interfere or endanger the peace.   The Lord-Forester's power is equal to that of the Count of Dorsill, and thus, both titles are seen as almost equals in the kingdom. However, the Lord-Forester's power extends far beyond that of the Kingdom or even material plane. The Lord-Forester is, and has been since the reign of Daighne Arundel, the unquestioned "Master of the Land". This title, however, is not utilied by man but by fae. Diplomatic relations between the mortal plane and the feywild must be upheld and respected, and the Lord-Forester acts as the representative for the mortal plane.   Because of this, the Lord-Forester's role in diplomacy is one of give-and-take. They are aware that peace is tenuous between the two worlds and, as such, one can not ask too much or give too much without promises, favors, or sacrifice.


The Lord-Forester does not gain much benefit from the mortal plane, as many benefits already come naturally with the Countship of Dorsill. However, the fae grant many new, and even strange benefits to the Lord-Forester which causes many on the mortal plane to view them with suspicion.   As Lord-Forester, they are granted the ability by the Archfey of both the Unseelie and Seelie Courts to grant permission to cross worlds. While these rites normally belong only to those in the Order of the Glades, special temporary permissions can be granted in emergencies, such as rogue fae creatures, sudden temporal oddities, or corruption from both worlds.   The Lord-Forester also benefits from a special item crafted by the Archfey, which prevents the loss of sanity while wandering the feywild. Though, only the Lord-Forester knows what it looks like.   Finally, the Lord-Forester gains the benefit of holding deals and negotiations within the feywild as well as the mortal plane. Allowed to eat or drink food without fear of trance or trickery, as they are always considered a welcomed guest, as long as they follow and commit to the laws and rules of the Twin Courts.
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