Dappy's Hall of Curios

October and the spooky season are finally here! It's definitely my favorite. Here is my showcase of WA's 2022 Spooktober prompts. Open a door and see what awaits!      


by Ezra Aldrich
    I drew a digital art piece for Mirror. In it stands a person with their back to you. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's somebody else. They're wearing a pink shirt and have short brown hair.   They stand in a hall with a green painted wall with the bottom half being striped wallpaper of two different shades of green. There are two visible torn up holes in the wallpaper.   Before them is a large squar mirror. It doesn't display their reflection, however. Within the mirror are three shadow figures. They all have yellow swirly eyes and squiggly mouths. The center figure is a bit wider than the two entities on either side who are taller and narrower.      


by Ezra Aldrich
    I drew a digital art piece for Slime. It contain's one object: a round glass bottle with a cork stopper. This bottle contains what appears to be a sentient creature made of a slime like substance. It doesn't appear to be happy about its situation.   The bottle is made from purple transluscent glass and is closed with a large, brown cork stopper. Its entire volume is filled with the green slime contained within it. This creature is one shade of light green with darker speckling / bubbles scattered throughout its body.   The slime is visibly crying in its bottle jail. Its eyes have thin, dark purple pupils. They have a squiggly mouth the same dark green as its bubbles. It's open and forms a grimace of sorts. There are no other visible features nor does the slime contain any items stuck within its body.      


Dream Land
Building / Landmark | Oct 12, 2022


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