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The core energies

The Current Time

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Gwen Wilder is an eighteen year old girl who lives on an A.T.L.A.S. training base. A.T.L.A.S. is an organization responsible for protecting the different districts and keeping the peace within each civilization. Gwen has been training to have a position in the organization, but no matter how hard she tires, they never allow her to progress to any position. One day, after getting fed up with her situation, Gwen sneaks into the room where all the agent files are being kept. She opens her file, and finds a bunch of secrets that they have been keeping from her, such as her family, the abilities and energy flowing within her veins, and much more. She then goes on a journey to find the truth about her past, and take down the system that has been lying to her for so long. Will she be able to uncover the dirty secrets that have been kept from her? Will she be able to understand her newfound abilities and powers? And can she make things better for others in her situation? Follow the continuing development of Gwen Wilder and The Core Energies Saga, and the Graphic Novel to come.