Responsive Molecules

  Molecules in the air are manipulated more easily than in a standard world by mechanical forces, with or without intention. Radiation interferes with this process.   This is a natural law that is ubiquitous in every story of the Connection. It is vital to how the world operates.   The sun gives the Earth and Bajisha enough stable energy in its atmosphere with radiation levels low enough that interference is minimal. On the other hand, when inhabitants of Jhi, such as the Hachca, visit Earth or Bajisha their magical powers, suppressed on their planet, are increased exponentially.


Magicians on Earth and in Bajisha can use sounds to activate their magic. The easiest thing to train is to make fire out of thin air and manipulate the flame and heat to set other things alight. It also allows for spells that do "intentional healing" where a user puts some of their power into healing someone and that becomes a physical reality.   Practice makes perfect and can create additional subtleties. The exact healing course of a wound can be manipulated such that bones are set a certain way or that certain scars can form by changing the sounds that are used to cause the magical response.   Some people spontaneously discover magic that is created by the responsive molecules and do not attribute their powers to sound. Some believe that there are additional forces that affect the molecules, and others believe that those people are mistaken: they are always using sound, but that sound is a secondary component of an additional action.


The Earth and Bajisha have much better conditions for it than Jhi because Jhi's star is an old red dwarf. Their magic takes more effort and mastery to achieve the kinds of results that beginner terran magicians can get, but they quickly surpass and thrive in environments that are more forgiving and flexible.


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