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Dika, or flu as we know it in Earth, is a medical condition in which the affected suffers simple short-term symptoms. In The Colossuss Galaxy, it is not like that. Dika has evolved from its starts into a severe and sometimes lethal virus. It is thought that Dika started in Yaith or Luft, as there are some reports that show similar symptoms in those locations.

Transmission & Vectors

It only affects sapient species; the term for the same illness in animals is '' Alai '' meaning [No/non - good] in Yaithian (language from Yaith).


It is thought that Dika is mostly transmitted by mosquitoes, but it seems that a host can transmit the virus by saliva, sweat or even tears.


This illness affects the respiratory system mostly. It causes cough, nausea, asthma, respiratory distress, loss of appetite. Dika can also cause fever, stomach pain, pale skin, loss of balance and even arrhythmias.


It is not easy to cure. There are only 2 methods of curing it:  

- Vaccine:

Serno seeds are needed, as they need to be compessed to extract its juice/oil. Sernoes are big trees that grow in Azimos forests. After collecting the seeds, the antidote is purified from the liquid and packed into syringes. One syringe costs around  

- Melinafocolosis-based cream:

This substance is very rare and expensive. It can be found in Saita fungus, found only in humid spots of the Confederate Desert in Yaith.


None. All symptoms disappear after some time, but they might take even months before doing so.

Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare

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