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(Vin-TEEZ-ee-um)   The metal known as Vintiizium is created as a byproduct of an alien bacteria that feeds on the natural ores gold, iron, silver, etc. of a planet. Once these ores have been processed by the Vintites they become Vintiizium a harder and stronger material but completely resistant to mining and processing of normal mundane mean. It was discovered that Vintiizium can be mined, processed, and smelted through the use of magical fire.   Vintiizium is much strong than the initial ore it started as. Through the use of magical fire it can be smelted down and used to forge weapons and armor.   It is still unknown as to why Vintiizium is completely resistant to mundane fire but susceptible to magical. The more powerful the magics used to created the magical fire the more effective it is in smelting Vintiizium.   Magical fire can be quite common but the ability to cast spells of the caliber required to manipulate Vintiizium isn't always easy.


Material Characteristics

Almost indistinguishable from its base ore Vintiizium keeps the same outward appearance but is no longer mineable with the same techniques.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Once it has been melted down, poured, and cooled Vintiizium is capable of conducting both heat and electricity, and never heats to the point where it can burn when touched.

Geology & Geography

Deposits of Vintiizium can be found all across Traith they are typically found close to the surface especially near impact sites of asteroids and meteors

Origin & Source

The introduction of Vintites to raw ore allows the bacteria to feed on in.

History & Usage


Vintiizium was first discovered by complete accident during a chance encounter by the wizard Vintiil who had detonated a Fireball and melted a vein of Vintiizium that cooled as a slab of metal on the floor of a cave system he was traveling.

Industrial Use

When smelted with other softer ores Vintiizium becomes more ductile and can then be fashioned in to wire.

Manufacturing & Products

The most common uses of Vintiizium are in the creation of armor and weapons but could be used for any number of different things.


Trade & Market

Given the value and "extreme" rarity of Vintiizium, the market for this precious metal is not for the faint of heart or shallow wallet.


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