Beverna's Bag of Tasty Treats

These magically enchanted bags are the creation the retired mage turn pastry chef Beverna. Having been an adventurer herself in her younger year Beverna always remembered wishing she had a good meal to start the day off with before continuing on with whatever quests she and her companions were on. When here own children were old enougjt and had decided to pick up the family tradition of adventuring Beverna wanted to make sure they didn't go hungry while off questing. The first two bags were created for her children and are now family heirlooms. Slowly people began requesting bags for themselves after hearing about or seeing one of the twins use their bag.   Each morning these bags are magically restocked with whatever Beverna's daily special for the day is. The bag produces enough for seven medium sized people. The treats stay fresh in the bag until consumed or disappear when the next day's allotment arrives.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink


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