Black Shark

Thunder crackled over the roaring black waves, crashing violently amidst the turmoil taking place just under the ocean's surface. The murky water blasted into the sky as if a rocket had collided with something, yet no light came from the depths, and no debris was flung into the air from its violent impact. The waves themselves began to delve inward, forming an all encompassing whirlpool as the 'debris' finally rose to the surface, mixing with the coal-stained water. Like a drop of paint, a deep red quickly mixed in with the churning water, the swirling mass growing wider as more than just color rose to the surface. Chunk by chunk, whole pieces of indiscriminately cleaved flesh rose to the surface of the cauldron-like mass, far more pieces than just one or two creatures could supply.   Finally, as the blood and meat mixed beautifully with the water, a large, sharpened spire pierced the ocean surface, followed by dozens more, surrounding the entirety of the whirlpool itself. These rows of massive blades closed in around the mixture fiercely, clamping shut with a sickening metallic crunch as the lightning outlined their perfectly glistening surface, before diving into the depths in search of its next meal.    -King Adonis On A Hunt


  • 50% Sakshar
  • 30% Blastonian
  • 19% Sential
  • 1% Other


The planet of Black Shark before its reform was largely considered an anarchy, despite having an established monarchy. The current king of Black Shark, Adonis, earned his title via brute force, literally devouring any opposition before him. It is estimated he has killed at least one million individuals on his own, including his own kind. He is a large believer in the ideal that the strong should live as they like, and should only be stopped by those stronger than them. When his entire planet faced extinction due to starvation and cannibalism, the Blastonian empress Dina reached out and offered aid, in exchange for a continued supply of Sakshar scales, the most durable naturally occurring material in the galaxy, as well as exclusive mining rights for the entire planet. When Blastonian occupation of planet Black Shark was enacted, the major law that was put in place was that of hunting zones, designated areas that were made the only legal areas on the entire planet to hunt.


Black Shark does not have a standing army. However, due to their existing alliance, they have the full military support of the Blastonian Empire. However, a greater deterrent than that is the king of the planet himself, Adonis. Adonis has single-handedly battled countless of the galaxy's strongest creatures, and has always come out on top. Many consider him the undisputed strongest living being in the entire galaxy, both on land and underwater.

Industry & Trade

Due to Black Shark's underdeveloped nature, the planet has had little success with intergalactic commerce. The few successes they have had in exports has been in Sakshar scales, which when submerged in liquid, are harder than any naturally occurring material in the galaxy. They typically sell these scales to militaries and manufacturers hoping to make use of their incredibly durable nature. Black Shark is also very well known for its Sakshar fin soup, the planet's staple cooked dish, as well as its volcanic hot springs.


The bulk of Black Shark is largely undeveloped due to its anarchistic origins, much of the population living in the many ocean caverns dotting its underwater landscape. There is however a castle on the planet, constructed by King Adonis himself to house himself and his almost one hundred concubines and offspring. The castle is carved from volcanic rock, and sports many rooms not submerged in water for his non-aquatic guests. With the Blastonian occupation, the Blastonian empire brought in added much needed infrastructure for the planet in order to support intergalactic growth. During their occupation, Blastonians installed the first above-water landing dock for spaceships, allowing for increased immigration and bolstering of the planet's population. The Blastonian empire has also taken steps to ensuring the planet is hospitable for non-aquatic species by developing water-free housing.

Guilds and Factions

The Blastonian Empire


Black Shark has historically been one of the most wild planets in the Trilian galaxy. It was named both for its black volcanic terrain, which makes up more than 90% of its underwater surface, as well as the loud shrrk sound a Sakshar makes when their teeth sink into a piece of flesh. Sakshar originally had many aquatic species inhabit it, however many went extinct when the Sakshar encroached into their territory. Over the course of a thousand years, the Sakshar had wiped at all other life on the planet, except for Sentials, which the Sakshar found particularly unpleasant and difficult to eat. With no laws enacted by the king of the planet, Sakshars eventually turned to cannibalism, hunting each other to near extinction before the Blastonian Empire finally stepped in, regulating the hunting which takes place on the planet and building infrastructure in exchange for raw resources.   Adonis' eldest daughter Helena enrolled into the intergalactic school for gifted individuals: Star Seasons Academy. She has since graduated, becoming one of the first students to graduate from the relatively new school, and joining Team Alpha, a task force made from all the first year Graduates of Star Seasons Academy. She is particularly good friends with fellow graduate Winry of planet Marchen, the two often in dispute for who is stronger among them.


Black Shark has no land masses above sea level. This due to how Sakshar sharpen their fins and scales, rubbing their bodies against the volcanic rock underwater and eroding it down in the process. The underwater landmass of Black Shark is a jagged mountain range of underwater volcanoes and caves. Due to the amount of black dust in the water, the ocean is seen as black and murky, and it is difficult to see anything even a few inches underwater, due to the weather often being overcast and turbulent most days. While Sakshar have naturally good eyes for seeing in the dark, there are many bioluminescent forms of plant life of the ocean, which Sakshar will sometimes use to light their homes.
Alternative Name(s)
The Black Pool
Five Hundred Thousand
Inhabitant Demonym
  • Sakshar
  • Blastonian
  • Sential


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