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The Centurion's Riddle

318 AG

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A Riddle is Given

It has been roughly three-hundred years since the end of the Gap, a mysterious phenomenon that wiped the history of Golarion from existence, and befuddled the minds of mortals for several millennia. While researchers have struggled to verify anything about the planet, the gods have remained silent, and all attempts to divine its fate by magic have failed. That is, until a message arrived from an encrypted source, and spread throughout the galaxy…   Look into the endless Drift, And seek the answers you have missed. For secrets come and leave the mind, And you have lost what others find. Two halves make a perfect box, Which needs no chains, no seal, no locks. But if you seek to split the middle, Then you must solve the Centurion’s Riddle.   Along with the message, credentials stored on data disks appeared among the dens of the wealthy, and the alleys of the poor. They all correspond to a single network address, which seems to route into the Drift itself, but even the witchwyrds claim ignorance of its final destination. Routing to the address seems to require a specialized Drift Beacon, and many have been seized by local governments across the star system. Those who login find themselves in a virtual reality, which reportedly mimics an ancient version of the planet Golarion. Although it takes the form of a game, there is more to this simulation than meets the eye…   For what better place to hide the secrets of a missing world, than in its very history?  

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