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The Casebook of Adolphus Raven

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Adolphus Raven. Consulting Occultist. Agent of the Crown. Adventurer.

He operates in the esoteric underground of the Victorian era, dealing with threats beyond the scope of the regular authorities and cleaning up after the foolhardy dabble with forces beyond their ken.

The world Adolphus inhabits is a dark and dangerous one just beneath the surface of what we call the ordinary world. It is populated by monsters, demons and nightmares, forgotten Gods, secret societies and ancient and powerful bloodlines who control governments like puppets.


The Casebook of Adolphus Raven is of course inspired by the Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the works of H.P Lovecraft as well video games like Bloodborne. It has gothic, horror and detective elements and is linked to my larger work the Ascension Chronicles.

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