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The Calling

You heard that too, didn't you? The voice in my head, it felt so loud... And the thing it said. Do you think it's real?

The First Call


One day, long ago, the Voice spoke to every single being in the galaxy. It reached deep inside the essence of people, and spoke to them in a voice only they could truly understand. This first interaction left everyone shocked and deep in thought. What did it said exactly? It is hard to tell. Only a few remembered some words, and none of them made sense once put together. The important part was not the words, but the message.


The Calling awoke an understanding of resonance and the Song inside people. Before, only exceptional individuals were aware of the existence of the true music hiding in sound, but now everyone knew, though they could not instinctively make use of it. This alone was enough to change the fate of the hundreds of civilisation that heard this call. They did not know about each other yet, as it was only the first message.


The Second Call


Soon after, the Voice spoke again. This time, it spoke of learning. In a manner unique to everyone, it explained what was the Song, and how to access it. Those who missed the inner comprehension of the resonance gained it almost magically, never to forget it. Then, the Voice taught people what their own Song was, and what they could do with it.


The effects of the second call was even greater than the first one, because it opened not only the awareness, but also a new realm of possibilities. It flipped the tables of all societies who heeded the call, sometimes dramatically, but mostly for the better. Unified planets, spectacular empires knowing an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity, this was the boon of the second call.


The Third Call


In its last call, the Voice adressed a new kind of message, an announcement of reunification. It spoke of the others, of people from beyond the stars, and pressed them to band together and join it. With the Song, it told, nothing prevents the awakened societies to ascend. The heaven was waiting for them, open for all to join.

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