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Tommy Breakers, Lieutenant



  • Requires Recruitment office training.
  • Time as a Private. There's no limit to that time though. The goal for that time is that you gain the trust and support of your men and skill with the administration.
  • Career Progression

    This is essentially the second step in the path to of growth. A you get your first taste of responsibility.

    A block.

    This may not seem significant but its extremely significant as proving you can handle a team. It also proves you can handle paperwork. And maintain good work while handling money given to you. The bureaucracy is high but once one person can prove they can hold a position for a year, they are offered many more positions. Including recruitment by outside agencies.

    Payment & Reimbursement

    They are given a slight increase over the pay of privates and they have a leadership position, each lieutenant solely responsible for block.

    Other Benefits

    The strongest benefit is the role of leader. Along with a good bump in pay, enough for most to be able to support a family on their own in the poorer regions. This is made easier with the addition of respect given, leading discounted food.


    Social Status

    They are quite a large social step above that of a private as they tend to stand out so much.



    There are a few tools:
  • You are given a badge made of gold and silver.
  • A billy Club, otherwise known as the education hammer.
  • You are given a sword. These are generally work swords with them being loaned dress swords for events they are invited to.
  • Workplace

    There are two major work places for the Tommy Breaker Lieutenant. There's the desk and there's the street. Which is a major point where they support and lead their workers.

    Dangers & Hazards

    Hazards come strongest from those who see them as the one point to set an example with people targeting them as a point of revenge.
    This job as a high demand. But even higher turn over.
    Their legal power is not absolute, but far beyond that of an individual.
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