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The Mills

This is a low level arena for the beginner fighters with no reputation at all. It also doubles as a training area for the people who want to be good enough to have people bet on them. It's the only way at getting a shot at the crown.   The crown being the position of prized fighter.   This is the gold standard for top fighters in the world of fighters. These are highly ranked matches. but before you get up in reputation. People have to know who you are. Bets are the bread and butter of the entire fighting industry.   With the left over profits of a fight flowing into the pockets of the organizers and eventually the pockets of the fighting themselves. Money which can be wasted in recovery and survival.   In the mills, all fights are non fatal with all battles being besides by the standard of first blood. The actual game is simple, though variations do exist. Basically you can use what ever ability you want but from the starting clap or going. The mission is to draw first blood. Make the enemy bleed and you win.   Common variations can switch the game up by, in one manner, allowing no weapons or trying both warriors together and making them fight each other. Then there's blood being seen and blood touching the ground.   The clear advantage of first blood, sight is a speed game, designed to limit how hurt people tend to get, along with avoiding death. Blood earth is a far more extended process. Because it can lead to real injury, even death. As your opponent has to bleed so much that they can't control it.   As your opponent has to bleed so much they they can't control it. The games are tied to hour glasses which are flipped every round. There is no limit to the number of rounds in a fight. There are young warriors but mostly kids for the youngest of fighters, kids who's entire job it is to see if blood has fallen and point it out. Not anyone can be put on the register, you have to be worth betting on. With only a few earning enough pre-match up bets to be worth it.

Contents & Furnishings

The area is normally emptied out with there being boxes pulled out and people are able to watch the action.
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