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Rudzoni Nombembe

Name: Rudzoni Nombembe Mother: Shanti Nombembe Father: Bora Nombembe Species: Imosi Lehlathi Tribe: Skylark Tribe Territory: Polase Province: Mzantzi Country: Edudweni Age: 23 DOB: Hair Colour: White Hair Type: Straight Mohawk, combed over Eye Colour: Face: A long and square face with a wide jaw Type of Body: Tall, muscular, but thin features offsetting a large bone structure. Skin Tone and type: Dark Green spots on black skin. Distinguishing Mark: The black rings on his eyes and his black lips. Voice: Predominant feature: Containment field: Large Wing Type: None Favourite food: Favourite Jewel: Favourite Colour: Daredevil / Cautious: Wealth Status: Highest Rank: Siblings: Wife / husband / lover: Best Friend: Zondwa and Tebogo Rival:
A dark royal blue


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