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This is a coastal territory owned by the Cwengo race under two families. The Skybarons and Riverridge.

  Two competing families who build and trade with other nations across the Thorne.


The coast is dotted with dozens of islands. A few are tiny, the rest huge, large enough for The Sky Barons to be able to be able to build fortresses and shipyards.

The land mass mostly consists of small mountain ranges, five in total, with swampland in-between.

The Mountains being where the Riverridgers mine; the swamp lands being where they feed, live and grow in wide settlements.

Natural Resources

Stone and Silver are some of their greatest resources, mining and then trade.

They also have large amounts of marble and onyx, which is something they control tightly.

Large resources are spent, cultivating their wood stores in order to build, master their architecture and engineering, building massive structures, shipping their most successful inventions out. They have history of being forced to be clever with their wood stores as they are forced to trade with the mason family.
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