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Dragonslayers were a proto-guild, a network of expert warriors who hunted and fought Dragons, bother higher and lesser, to near extinction. They were one of the professions that, once their profession was obsolete, merged into the Larrasu Order to serve as general monster hunters. The only surviving dragon-kin in the modern day are the Dragonnets, Arctic Dragons and Sea Orcs. Arctic Dragons and Sea Orcs live in small enough numbers and generally mind their own business, making hunting them all down a pointless endeavor, while the remaining population of Dragonlings are mostly domesticated, with wild ones being considered nearly extinct.


Other Benefits

Dragonslayers were often paid tribute in gold or valuable gems throughout the Ancestor Isles that they could use for supplies, gear, food and other items & services. Before the formation of the human kingdoms, humans viewed the Dragonslayers as mysterious, ancient warriors even though they were not and were viewed within the Elven Dominion and Dwarven Confederation as merely pest control against lesser dragons. However, not long after the formation of the Human kingdoms, larger dragons began to appear. These dragons were intelligent unlike the ones encounter before. This caused mortal kind to hail dragonslayers as legendary figures, in life and in death, which can be seen as a benefit in itself.



Originally serving as warriors who were mere pest hunters and later served as a vanguard against dragon kind in the 100 year dragon wars. Two decades after the end of the dragon war, their profession became mostly obsolete, leading them to take on contracts for other beasts. Eventually, dragonslayers either joined the Larrasu or retired.



Equipment varied from dragonslayer to dragonslayer. They would often carry items such as a shield or buckler, medium armor to balance agility and defense, a reinforced pike, sword and smaller blade to slip between scales.   During the dragon war, many groups of dragonslayers would utilize larger siege weaponry to deal with the larger dragons.  Examples are ballistae tipped with some type of paralyzing agent to force them to land, similar to their bows and arrows but on a larger scale. If they were dealing with Sea Orcs, or a dragon flying near water, harpoons and ship mounted ballistae were often used.
Hunter - Obsolete
Alternative Names
Dragon Hunter, Dragon Warrior
Currently obsolete; high demand during and prior to the Dragon War.

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