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Dragonlings are small, dragon-like creatures. They range in size, being as small as a canine to as large as a horse.

Basic Information

Biological Traits

Dragonlings can vary in many ways biologically. The smallest breeds of Dragonlings are known to grow small wings that are not used for flight, but rather for jumping and balance along with their tails. Meanwhile, the larger breeds generally lack wings completely. Their scales can vary in color, thickness and surface coverage. Some have webbed feet while others do not but all usually have some form of claws. Unlike High Dragons, who could breathe various elements, dragonlings are unable to do so, lacking the needed organs and intellect to do so.


Being a mostly domesticated animal, Dragonlings are considered quite friendly but can be easily aggravated if threatened or if they sense ill intent, usually by smell. They're generally territorial, protecting their homes, whether that be a mortal's home or a cave in the wilderness.

Additional Information


Dragonnets over time have become primarily a domesticated animal over the previous few centuries. They most often serve as guard animals and pets, similar to that of canines, and transportation, serving a similar role to a horse. Additionally, some can be found within the ranks of various militant groups and orders.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Dragonlings are able to sense ill intent, sickness and darker magicks. Scholars believe that their sense of smell allows them to pick up on things that the noses of mortals cannot.
Genetic Ancestor(s)
25-30 years
Average Height
2.5ft (smaller breeds) 5ft (larger breeds)

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