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Solar system

The solar system is a system of 13 planets and hundreds of moons roughly 8kpc from the Galactic CentreIt is home to the Humans and its name could mean 'Sun God(dess)-ar', 'Day on Mars-ar' or 'Space occupying Lesion-ar' however it is more likely that it means 'Of the star Sol'.   It is located in the Orion Spur about 8 kiloparsecs from the Galactic Centre. Its only sun, Sol, is a yellow dwarf approximately 4.6 billion years old, meaning that its only native sentient species has about 1.7 billion years until their planet becomes inhabitable.


The system has one habitable planet, Earth, which is located approximately 98 miles from its sun and is orbited by a single moon. The star itself is a yellow dwarf.

Fauna & Flora

Humans are the only native sapient species, although two other species are showing signs of emerging sapience. There are theories that the fourth planet, a desert world called Mars may have once had life until it lost its magnetic feild, however these claims have mostly been proven false.

Name Solar System
Age 4.5 billion years
Number of stars 1
Star name(s) Sol
Stellar type(s) Yellow Dwarf (1)
Number of planets 13
Of which habitable* 3
Of which habited 1
Number of moons 19
Of which habitable 1
Of which habited 0
Number of submoons 4
Of which habitable 0
Radius 0.57 parsecs
Planet list Mercury, Venus, Earth (1), Mars, Ceres, Jupiter (4), Saturn (7-4), Uranus (5), Neptune (1), Pluto (1), Makemake, Haumea, Eris.
Minor orbitals (solar) 798236
Minor orbitals (planetary) 174
Asteroid belts 3
Asteroid belt name(s) Asteroid Belt, Kuiper Belt, Oort Cloud
Alternative Name(s)
Orion CMIX
Star System
Location under
Orion arm

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