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Quantum Bore

A device for travelling through hyperspace

Content loaded! Viewing article Quantum Bore at Galactipedia in language English   [A quantum bore after 5 years of use and a fire]   A quantum bore is a machine used to create wormholes during FTL travel. The bore opens an area of Hyperspace¬†which can then be travelled through, as long as your ship has a qualified astronavigator onboard.   The reason for the astronavigator is quite simple. When travelling faster than light, by the time you've seen something, you've already passed through it. Astronavigators need to make sure that whilst travelling through hyperspace you avoid either putting too much strain on the quantum bore by travelling too close to too many objects, and to make sure that the ship stays on the correct path, as passing through a large enough realspace object can cause... Well... Death.


Used to travel faster than light through hyperspace.
Access & Availability
THIS SECTION HAS BEEN SET TO READ ONLY FOR NON-REGISTERED USERS: REASON: GALACTIPEDIA DOES NOT CONDONE GIVING DANGEROUS ADVICE. USING A QUANTUM BORE WITHOUT A LICENCE CAN, AND HAS, ENDED IN DEATH. ANY REGISTERED USERS EDITING THIS TO SAY THAT IT'S FINE WILL BE ALSO BE BANNED FROM WRITING TO THIS PAGE. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE AND WILL BE A LIFETIME BAN.   Although the quantum bore itself is easily added to a ship, operating it is much harder. As such, quantum bores require a license to obtain. To do this the person must fit one of two categories. Either they are an astronavigator, or they're working for a business with at least one astronavigator.

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