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Time ceased to have a meaning, the clock numbers flickering in and out, appearing as random meaningless LED symbols on the black background. The computer continued though, giving directions that the navigation officer followed. Half the bridge crew threw up. And then we were out, the clock numbers returning to what they had been, plus about a kanito.
— Unknown diary entry, BGP
  Hyperspace is a subregion of space which is used to travel between solar systems. It is accessed via wormholes held open by exotic matter and ships can travel up to 10 parsecs per hour without any ill effects, so long as they don't stay in hyperspace for too long and have a Quantum Bore and hyperspace computer onboard to open a path in hyperspace and calculate where they are going. More frequent hyperspace lanes are created with strings of exotic matter holding a wormhole open indefinitely. Most solar systems have a wormhole in them.   Travel through hyperspace can negatively impact both people and objects as technically time and space, matter and energy, do not exist. For this reason it is recommended you spend less than a couple of days in hyperspace at any one time. Whilst objects from normal space cannot physically interact with hyperspace, their gravitational forces can, pulling ships off course.

Alternative Name(s)
Subspace, folded space
Dimensional plane

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