The Vanghoul Clans

Hierarchy of Clan Leaders

  • Overlord of the Clans
  • Warlord of the Forsaken Vanguard
  • Chieftain of the Blood Hawks

Hierarchy of Military Leaders

  • Warlord of the Legion
  • High Commander of the Legion
  • High Commander of the Revenants



Due to the circumstances, the Vanghouls do not possess wealth like elves or humans. They measure their worth in strength and kills.  

Cities, Towns & Villages

The Vanghoul settlements are scattered across the Vanquished Island, ranging from military outposts to villages. The main stronghold is within the Forsaken Mountain.  

War Vessels

The Vanghouls has a wide arrange of different war constructions that they use for battle. The vessels range from ships, beasts of nature, and dire creatures.


Cast aside by the elves, the Vanghouls is a hybrid race conceived from the Akachena and Stryth. They’re considered abominations in the eyes of the elves, an unnatural creation that should never have been allowed to come alive.   While their roots stem from the elves, they’re considered a species of their own. Despite the combination of the Akachena and Stryth, the Vanghouls were born with mostly similar features to the Stryth such as the same type of pointy ears, upper and lower fangs, and the faint glow in their eyes that came from the Ash’kar relic. However, for Vanghouls, this glow appears differently from their Stryth kin, in which they only become luminescent with excessive emotions such as rage.   The Experiment
Born as a hybrid experiment from the Akachena and Stryth in 713, Zarogh Wolfmane was the first of his kind. The boy was carefully examined by an elven apothecary who was tasked with inspecting his growth through the years. Almost twenty years later, an incident occurred that caused a rift between the Akachena and Stryth. At that point, Zarogh’s body had started to deform and become increasingly more muscular than an average elf. By the order of Elder Ni’rosh Aeran’thil, the young hybrid was to be executed. However, a female Akachena took pity on Zarogh and helped him escape the Covenant. The events of being on the run for a long time hardened his will, and his mindset became narrowed by hate for these people. Together with this elven woman, the Vanghoul species was born. With generally darker skin tones, stronger body mass, and increased height put the Vanghouls apart from their kin.
  The First Clan
In the late 790s, Zarogh died during battle and his firstborn, Zhogat Wolfskull took the lead. The first Vanghoul clan was established as the numbers were growing. It was meant to lead the Vanghouls into a new future, but also to remember their origin. It was given the name the Forsaken Vanguard.
  Overlord of the Clans
After many years, in the early 12th century, the Vanghouls had multiplied by the hundreds. The war between the Elves and the Vanghouls had escalated, and causalities were rising on both sides. With more and more clans formed, it became unclear who was in charge. Clans had their own leaders, which did not always agree with leaders of other clans. This led to the creation of a new rank, which would become the Overlord of the Clans. This would give the fiercest and strongest of them all the reign of the Vanghoul species.
  The Forces of Mankind
In the early 18th century, the reigning Overlord of the Clans, Gathon Bloodfist brought the Vanghouls to the northern areas of Fariondor. Having been confined the Vanquished Island for almost a millennium, this new and uncharted land came with new threats. This, however, did not stop Gathon from going after new types of weaponry. They came upon the human town of Windshire, which had a fleet at their disposal. Despite being advised against attacking the humans, Gathon ignored all warnings and began a siege on the town. To mankind, these were monstrous creatures coming to raid them, in which they sent out a call to arms to allied kingdoms. Elite groups of soldiers arrived from the neighboring land of Aewyth, clad in steel with weapons mounted on their ships. The Vanghouls were rapidly outmatched by these soldiers and forced to retreat, but this defeat was not the end.
  Spoilers from the Scourge of the East
In 1714, Gathon used new tactics to besiege Windshire, and this time made sure no one would be able to escape and warn the enemy. Taking their fleet, the Vanghouls set out to track down the enemies from before, but this time they would not engage them head on. Instead they would lure them back to the Vanquished Island. Coming upon a prisoner transport fleet, the Vanghouls used the flags of Windshire to get close. When in range, they sunk the entire fleet to the bottom of the ocean before they could even realize what was going on. However, they left a slope that could bring this news back to the enemies, which would set the plan in motion. The intended goal of luring the enemy to the Vanquished Island worked smoothly. Nonetheless, the humans survived the attack on the coastline and got ashore. This would lead to an unforeseen development. There were more parties in play, and the elves had also come ashore in secrecy. Now the Vanghouls were forced to fight a war on both sides, and the elves had no plans of making the humans their enemy as well. The human army was able to establish a garrison to defend themselves rather quickly, which meant the Vanghouls had to engage just as fast before they got too much of a foothold. What they did not know was that the humans had another fleet heading for the island, one that had vastly more men and weapons onboard. This led the Vanghouls to rally in the Forsaken Mountain so they wouldn’t be attacked on multiple fronts. This, however, would prove catastrophic as the humans brought black powder with them that they used to collapse the entire underground city. The vast majority of Vanghouls died during this attack, including the Overlord of the Clans, but there was one other who had been working on a plan. Nekada Bloodfist, the younger brother of Gathon had began to reposition various units to the other side of the island once he learned about the elves arrival. This saved them from the tragic demise of their fellow people, but this was a massive hit to the species as a whole. Nekada decided to take the rest of them into hiding from the elves and the humans. If one good thing came from this, it was that the Vanghouls were now considered extinct.

Alliance & Relations

The Vanghoul Clans is a union of factions bounded together by an Overlord.

The Overlords of the Clans

The Vanghouls select their leaders based on strength and kills in battle.

Technological Level

With knowledge of elven & human technologies, the Vanghouls are able to fortify themselves with a dangerous combination of the two.
However, due to circumstances, they live as tribes on the Vanquished Island.

We ascend by the blood of our enemies.


  • The Vanquished Island
    The south-east island of Tenoryan.
Founding Date
Year 739
Geopolitical, Clan
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
  • Moon Silver
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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