The Kingdom of Serenyon

Hierarchy of Monarchs

  • His Majesty the King
  • Her Majesty the Queen
  • His Royal Highness the Prince
  • Her Royal Highness the Princess

Hierarchy of Nobles

  • The Regent
  • Duke/Duchess
  • Count/Countess
  • Baron/Baroness

Hierarchy of Military Leaders

  • The Highlord of the King's Forces
  • The General of the Military Forces
  • The Admiral of the Naval Forces



The Kingdom is in the midst of rebuilding its wealth. The ongoing war has cost dearly and Serenyon now sits on a fortune of 512G.

War Vessels

An amount of approx. 4,600 battle-ready horses are under control by the Houses allied with Serenyon. The Kingdom currently has only 1 fleet at its disposal.


Prominent events from Serenyon's history.   The Founders
Founded in 879 by Landis Grayston and his wife Caris, Serenyon was initially set up as a gold mining village. The last of the gold was mined in 902 and the focus was turned to other avenues such as stonecutting.
  The Survival Years
Serenyon’s army is built around its strong archer army. At the age of 7, every able-bodied boy is ordered to train 4 hours a week until they reach the age of 19. Girls are ordered to train with a short bow from the age of 8 for 2 hours a week until the age of 14. This was ordered by King Ryder in 1283 after almost being destroyed by The Kingdom of Anour Hill, a war that lasted for 6 long years.
  The Assassination
In 1291, the much loved, King Ryder was killed by assassins. Many believed they were sent by the King of Anour Hill. Furious at his father’s death, Crowned Prince Alador sent his own assassins to attempt the life of the King of Anour Hill, an attempt that horribly failed. The result of the failed assassination attempt ended with Serenyon once again fighting a war where they were hugely underprepared.   The terms of surrender included the beheading of Prince Alador. The king of Anour Hill personally beheaded the prince in 1292.
  The End of The Occupation Years
After the end of the war in 1292, the forces of Anour Hill occupied Serenyon forcing the rest of the royal family to go into hiding.   After three years of occupation and much mistreatment of the citizens of Serenyon, the people started to rebel.   An unknown ally, who still to this day no one knows who it was, aided the people in a war to retake Serenyon.   In the late months of 1295, the forces of Anour Hill fled the uprising forces and returned home.   The beheaded prince’s only surviving child was placed upon the throne with his mother acting as the Queen Regent.
  Era'vosh, the Protector
Furious after the return of his men in 1295, the king of Anour Hill declared all-out war against the Kingdom of Serenyon.   After two years of planning and preparing for war, a vast portion of the forces of Anour Hill travelled by ships towards Serenyon. Their only orders were the total annihilation of Serenyon.   During the invading soldiers’ travels, on June the 21st, they were met directly south of what is now known as The Temple of the Protector by an enormous entity. The people lucky enough to witness or survive the attack said it was larger than twenty Ship of the Line’s and had huge tornado like arms and cast lightning from its eyes. Each attack caused massive waves to wash over the Anour Hill ships killing almost everyone on board.   Suffering such a defeat, the king of Anour Hill had no option but to accept a peace treaty. Every year since that day, the people of Serenyon has celebrated The Summer Festival on June the 21st.
  The Great Unite
In 1698, the king of Serenyon and the King of Karyce agreed to an arranged marriage between their eldest children and unite their kingdoms. A move that many nobles from both kingdoms agreed on was necessary after Crithales had married one of its princesses some years before to Stormhold. Most of the Karyce population believed Crithales was planning for war and this was their only option to try and prevent the war from being against them.   Both Countries agreed that the firstborn child would become the leader of both countries and create a new superpower.

Demography and Population

  • 240,000 approx.

Technological Level

The groundbreaking discovery of using Black Powder as weaponry has allowed the Naval Forces to use Cannons onboard their ships. The city itself is still using an older technology of weaponry, like the ballista, catapults & siege towers.
Founding Date
16 / 9 - 879
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
  • Tin Coins
  • Bronze Coins
  • Silver Coins
  • Gold Coins
Major Exports
  • Fine Masonry Craftmanship
  • Fine Bow Craftmanship
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages

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