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WorldEmber 2022

This year I haven't participated in as many events as last year. But I was still keen on taking on both Summer Camp 2022 and this year's WorldEmber. I have about zero preparation going into this event this year, but that does not mean I'm not aiming high...  


In terms of scope I've learned a few things since my first writing event here on WorldAnvil. It's all cool and nice to create my usual magic items and creatures, but they also take a ton of time (because I want to illustrate and statblock them). Because illustrations and statblocks do not help with the wordcount, I'll keep those to a minimum. So even though I might make a couple, and publish my usual item content within WorldEmber, I doubt my focus will be here. Instead, I'm interested in the technology and magic surrounding the items. I was asked by none other than one of the founders of WorldAnvil to elaborate on that, so how can I refuse? Another topic I'd like to touch on is traps and hazards. I'd love to illustrate these at a later point but writing them out is a great start and good content in general! In short, I do not have a certain 'area' scope for this year's WorldEmber in advance. Although I'm sure I'll elaborate and write about certain spots in the world, I've no set plan about which places I'll expand on at this point.  


Honestly, after reaching 50k last year, why not do that again? It was a huge boost to my world and if not for the achievement, I just want to expand it all! We'll see how much writing I'll get done but I've got my eye on that one. I've been collecting ideas on a digital whiteboard and my excel sheets for content and WorldEmber articles.
Event Page
Aepine Noire
Alchemical Transference
Amulet of the Living Statue
Arcane Blockade
Arcane Imbued Caltrops
Arcane Impartment
Armor Enchantments
Astral Forge
Azure Flame
Barrel Bat
Batrush Glaive
Batswarm Spike
Bell of the Bronze Mausoleum
Blanket of the Midday Banquet
Blight of the Wet Toad
Brand of Lethargy
Breastplate of the Azure Fury
Circle Ward
Coat of Sanguine Defense
Constellation Creationism Theorem
Create Paper
Crystal Infusion
Cuirass of the Steadfast Shaman
Cursed Items
Cycle of Many Lives
Decanter of Honesty
Divine Ascension
Draconic Bellows
Draconic Smithing
Dreamfield Curse
Dreaming Death
Elemental Absorption
Elemental Planes
Elemental Whetstones
Essence of the Azure Fury
Extract of Llama
Eye of Envy
Eye of Obscurity
Feywhisper Tokens
Fickle Fate Philter
Fireball Seal
Fizzip Sparklwein
Golden Goose
Gravity Amplification Arrow
Graystare Curse
Greater Mark of Weakness
Heatwave Schnapps
Heavystrain Hex
Holding Seal
Howl of the Iron Hound
Imitation Putty
Impsting Stylus
Incense of Invigoration
Iron Ward
Juice of the Staring Eye
Kinshape Elixir
Kunai of the Banished Lotus
Lesser Mark of Weakness
Lingo Lipstick
Locksmith Oil
Lower Wards
Mail of Fallen Haloes
Mark of the Age of Trials
Marking Eye
Maroon Mango
Maroon Mango Tree
Misty Steppers
Nestrin Yerrhastil
Nightward Society
Origamiracle Paper
Paper Charms
Plane of Air
Plane of Earth
Plane of Fire
Plane of Water
Portable Door
Pristine Geometry
Quest Types
Restorative Block
Rod of Slipping
Royal Elixir of Rornach
Runic Inscription
Seluna Vontren
Sentient Items
Shiverbone Hex
Smiling Chameleon Bazaar
Southern Quarter
Sparking Chat Hex
Spell Stitching
Spellforged Throwing Buckler
Static Soul Theory
Steel Wrack Extract
Stubbing Jinx
Substitution Step
Sunskin Elixir
Surge Foundry
Swindler's Mark
Teleportation Seal
The Lament of Ebaqu
Thornspire Castle
Tighthold Jinx
Tinctures of Mortality
Transcendental Weaving
Trueply Paper
Twisted Tongue Hex
Valley Dragon Matcha Tea
Vile Shroud
Weapon Enchantments
Wildspeech Stones
Wingclip Bolt
Xenolily Tincture


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