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Elemental Absorption

Elemental Absorption is a primordial method of Enchanting which is said to have originated on the Elemental Planes. It involves forcing the raw energy and power of the elements into an item so that it takes on some of the properties of the element. It is a more raw and ancient type of Arcane Impartment in the sense that energy is forced into a material or object.

Absorbing the Primordial Power

Elemental Absorption can be done through various means, such as immersing the item in a pool of raw elemental energy that may be encountered on the Elemental Planes of existence or by exposing it to a constant elemental energy over a prolonged period of time. Sometimes, the process of Elemental Absorption happens naturally, as materials or objects are exposed to the energy of the elements but it can also be guided and practiced as a proper way of enchanting objects.

Binding the Elemental Energies

The process of intended Elemental Absorption involves drawing in and harnessing the energy of an element, such as fire, water, earth, or air, and forcing or infusing it into an object. The exact nature and extent of the powers granted by elemental absorption depend on the type of element as well as the purity of the elemental energy used. The skill and intent of the enchanter also plays an important role in stabilizing these energies so that the effects and magic can be properly used. Some enchanters may be able to imbue an object with multiple types of elemental energy, creating a more versatile and powerful magical item. Others may choose to focus on a single element, creating items with more specialized abilities.   Each element can be focussed and forced through their own magical and scientific methods, which requires the Enchanter to have a solid understanding of the properties of each of the elements and how to control them. For example, a lightning bolt from a natural occurring thunderstorm may strike a sword and imbue it with powers, but the chances of this happening are quite slim as the primordial powers of the storm are most likely quite weak. Performing a ritual that focusses and forces all of the energy of the storm more slowly into the blade of sword may prove far more effective and successful. Focussing such energy is also an innate abilities of some creatures such as draconic creatures that can breathe fire, frost or even lightning. This focussed energy is used in Draconic Smithing to forge metal items that have been imbued with a dragon's elemental breath.
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