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Draconic Smithing

Draconic Smithing is the practice of incorporating the various elements of dragon breath into blacksmithing. This type of smithing is used to imbue the unique properties and abilities of each type of dragon breath into the metal. Draconic smithing is used to enchant various items. Some argue it is a method of Elemental Absorption but others believe that it is more closely tied to Arcane Impartment as non-elemental dragon breaths can also be imbued into an item.

Dragon Forged Metal

Draconic smithing is used around the world, but most prevalent where humanoids live in harmony with good-natured dragons. Using the breath of a malevolent dragons is understandably not quite as simple. Draconic smithing is typically done by adding a small and controlled amount of the breath to the forge the metal is being molten in, either by having the dragon breathe directly on the forge or by using a Draconic Bellows . The final step is to shape the metal using traditional forging techniques, such as hammering and shaping it on an anvil. This step requires a great deal of skill and precision, as the smith must be able to manipulate the metal while it is still hot and malleable and the elemental powers are unstable.

Source of the Breath

According to experts, the use of Draconic Bellows often leads to a product of lesser quality compared to the pure breath of a live dragon, well crafted bellows are therefore highly sought after by blacksmiths. If working with a live dragon, the age and experience of the dragon is also an important aspect of draconic smithing. Small or young dragons, are typically less powerful and have not as much control over their breath. Their breath is often weaker and less concentrated, making it less effective in draconic smithing. Young dragons may also be less attuned to the elements, and their breath may be less pure or less stable. Elder dragons, on the other hand, are typically much more powerful and have greater control, making the breath more concentrated and potent. There are also a few select Dragonborn individuals across the world who were able to master their own innate breath ability to use it in draconic smithing.

Types of Breath

The process of draconic smithing is not incredibly complex but requires the smith to have a deep understanding of the properties of each type of dragon breath, as well as the ability to harness and control it. Each type of dragon breath has its own properties and abilities. Fire-breathing dragons are prized for their ability to imbue weapons and armor with the element of fire. These items are highly sought after by warriors and mages alike, as they are able to deal extra damage to their foes and even ignite them. Ice-breathing dragons, on the other hand, are able imbue weapons and armor with the element of ice. These items are particularly useful in cold environments, as they can help to keep the wielder warm and offer protection against frostbite. They can also be used to slow or freeze enemies in combat. However, draconic smithing is not limited to pure elemental breath types, non-elemental breath, such as the weakening breath of a Gold Dragon, may also be used to imbue an item with such properties. These types of draconic breath are far more complex to forge into an item, as their innate energy is far more unstable.
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