Lower Wards

The lower wards of the city of Morhan is a district that is known for its rough-and-tumble atmosphere and its many warehouses. Unlike the more upscale and refined Circle Ward north of the Fortuna river, the southern quarter is a place where you can get a good deal on the basic nescesities, or make a little back alley deal for some illicit goods that have made their way to the surface from the Understreets.

District of Distribution

The Lower Wards are a vital part of the city's economy, as it is home to many of the warehouses and distribution centers that serve the surrounding region. These facilities are often bustling with activity, as goods are loaded and unloaded from carts as well as barges that make their way through the canals of the city. It is district that is essential to the functioning of the city, but one that is often overlooked and misunderstood by those who live in more privileged areas.   Within the districts are some of the strongest connections between the Understreets and the city proper. That means that often people, goods and money go missing in the district, seemingly sinking into the understreets. However, it has to be said that the reverse is also true, sometimes people (re)appear out of nowhere, goods that have not gone through the harbor end up in a warehouse, and coffers are suddenly overflowing with gold. As with most illicit or mysterious activity within the city, it is commonly understood that this is the work of the Grey Cartel.   Despite its importance, the Lower Wards are a place that is avoided by many of the city's more affluent residents. The area is not as well-maintained as other parts of the capital, and as stated before, crime is more common here. However, for those who are willing to brave the rough edges of the Lower Wards, it can be a place of opportunity and a source of cheap goods and services. It is a place of contrasts and contradictions, where the harsh realities of a hard life coexist with the promise of prosperity and advancement.
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