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Spellthread is a term commonly given to threads, yarns or other types of fibers that can be used in enchanting. The people creating these threads are known as spellspinners.

Types of Thread

Spellthreads can be made from a number of materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo and flax. Depending on the talents of the spinner they can be spun in many different ways. The threads can simply be infused with dyes, oils or other liquids for a simple type of spellthread. These threads are commonly used for simple enchantments. More advanced spinners might use enchanted tools, or magically spin other materials into the thread such as precious metals or the dust of precious gemstones.   The thread itself can also be imbued after it is spun through Alchemical Transference by soaking it in an alchemical compound. Alternatively, a spinner that is practiced in the arcane can do this during the spinning through arcane impartment. The many factors that can affect the capabilities of spellthread has lead to the existence and fabrication of countless types of spellthreads, each with their own color, texture, finish and abilities.

Thread Carefully

Spellthread is commonly used in transcendental weaving and spell stitching. Threads made of wood or plant fibers are also used in the art of timberweaving. Selecting the right thread for an enchantment is incredibly important for the enchantment to work, and the material is typically not cheap, so enchanters are usually very picky when it comes to acquiring the right threads.


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