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Summer Camp 2023

Once again, I am going to participate in WorldAnvil's Summer Camp. After the fun I had during Summer Camp 2021 and Summer Camp 2022, I can't wait to get another month of worldbuilding in. The goal? Do you even need to ask? Of course it is Diamond!

The Scope

We're at an interesting time for my worldbuilding journey. Apart from the things I make for my patrons, I mainlly write and create things for my dungeons and dragons campaign. That campaign is now coming to an end after 5,5 years. So, what is next? A new campaign probably! Set in a different part of my world. There's so much room for creativity and new themes which could be really fun to explore. So I'm going to use Summer Camp '23 to cast a wide net over my world, and see where my creativity takes me.   Power (Copper). In my current campaign, political power, divine power and individual power all played a big part in the story. A rather traditional feudal political system with nobles and royals was the base. For Summer Camp I'd love to see if I can create a system of political power which is a bit different. In terms of other sorts of power, during WorldEmber 2022 I wrote a bit about the source of magical and arcane power in my world: Nebulantium. I also had fun with how power works in the technology of Magitech. I also wrote a ton about Enchanting as well as more specific magic like Curses. I think it'd be fun to take those categories and make some more examples of those types of power, either in the form of professions, spells or items, and maybe even what part they played during historical events.   Frontier (Silver). An interesting theme for the silver prompts that I have not really explored much. I realized that when it comes to worldbuilding, I have a tendency to have all things known for myself, and some things a mystery to players engaging with the world. Perhaps I can leave some things as a mystery even to me as the creator. Last year during summer camp I made a map for the city of Tiomera, perhaps this year I can find the time to do something similar for a different part of my world. For more inspiration, I've taken another look at my current dungeons and dragons campaign. The heroes have traveled across dimensions. Some long forgotten, others well known to everyone in the world. I'd love to create some more dimensions such as the Elemental Planes of existence. Not to mention that the events of the campaign have transported the entire world across dimensions, so there's sure to be some residual dimensional anomalies around the world. In any case, these frontiers are definitely worth exploring in writing but I've also got a few ideas for an ancient desert, dark forest or perhaps this summer camp, I will finally be writing about 'The Mists'...   Relics (Gold). Well well well... Relics you say? Items of long forgotten times and legend? Objects that possess magic from the civilizations that came before? Ancient artifacts that hold valuable information about the world we live in? Isn't that right up my freaking alley! With the hundreds of magic items I already have, I'm excited to get in on this wave of prompts with full force. If I'm going to illustrate something this year during Summer Camp, this is the one. Since it is the third wave of prompts, I'm definitely going to thematically tie it to the first waves, which should make for some interesting combinations and add some depth to those prompts as well. Very excited for this one!
  Communication (Diamond). The worldbuilding that will happen over the course of Summer Camp will inspire this wave of prompts. I plan on using the last wave of prompts to expand on what I've written in the earlier waves. As such, I have no real plan yet what these will be. I hope there will be some prompts concerning the communication of histories and maybe the use of literature or books.   Special Mission (Magitech). I have chosen to accept a special mission, to write 10 articles that feature the use and creation of Magitech. If I can tie these articles to the summer camp articles remains to be seen, but it is what needs to be done. If I see an opportunity to use one of the summer camp prompts to fill in these ten, I will definitely do so. You can find the articles for the mission repeated at the bottom of the list in the sidebar.  

Quantity and Quality

As I did last year, I'm not going to go for really long articles. Keep it simple, keep it short! It'd be nice to do some illustrations for the prompts that are within my area of artistic expertise (items/creatures), but I'm not forcing myself to make art for everything within the month of july.


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11 Jun, 2023 13:53

Good luck on your quest for the diamond badge! You've got this :D   What would be the perfect prompt for your world?

Journals of Yesteryear
You're invited to explore my new world!
12 Jun, 2023 18:18

Ok, this may sound weird but... The perfect prompts are often the ones that I initially dislike, but then grow to love because they add a piece to my world that I would not have come up with by myself. (So honestly probably a language or something haha)

12 Jun, 2023 18:59

That's a fantastic mindset to have and I completely get where you're coming from! It feels like more of a personal achievement solving those harder or disliked prompts :D   I'm sure both see soon enough what the revealed prompts have in store for us this year!

Journals of Yesteryear
You're invited to explore my new world!
12 Jun, 2023 16:55

Good luck on your quest for diamond! :)

Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
18 Jun, 2023 12:05

Good luck with Summer Camp and your goal of reaching Diamon (you madman)! :D I'm sure you'll smash it with some awesome articles!

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