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Arta Gecko

Arta Gecko is a tradition that is thought to have originated from M'Oriri but is popular amongst many Azun cultures. It brings a burst of creativity in the hot summers of Azuno and is a tradition enjoyed by many.

Day of the Dragon Gecko

Arta Gecko takes place during the summer. Families typically do the Arta Gecko during the birthday of the eldest person in the family that is born in the summer months. If no person has a birthday during these months, it is usually done on the first day of summer, or during midsummer.

Artistry of the Gecko

The Arta Gecko is done by having one or multiple Dragon Geckos walk through Prismatic Clay paint and across canvasses. As the geckos waddle, run and slip across the canvas, their footprints and tails leave behind trails and patterns of captivating colors. The resulting paintings can become anything from a gift, a cherished memento, or a symbol of something much greater.   Some people catch wild geckos to do the Arta Gecko, but others have pet geckos perform this tradition. This heavily influences the appearance of the resulting painting, as wild gecko's are far more erratic than tame specimens. Families, tribes or groups of people typically use the same colors for the Arta Gecko that may be symbolic or special to them but there also those that use the same canvas every year. They add new layers and colors every passing year, turning the canvas into a memory of every summer spent together. These canvasses become cherished mementos or heirlooms for that group of people and are safely stored or proudly displayed in their home.

Divination of Dragons

Arta Gecko holds deeper significance for some. There are cultures that regard it as a form of divination, they believe the patterns and symbols made by the dragon geckos offer a glimpse into the future. Diviners observe how the painting is made, as well as the end product. Each brushstroke of the dragon gecko's feet is symbolic or holds meaning. The interplay of colors and shapes serves as a canvas of prophecy, foretelling events, opportunities, and challenges that may lie on the horizon.
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