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The Grylax

The ancient species known as the "Grylax" once roamed the Thallit Delta sector. They were a highly intelligent and technologically advanced civilization, known for their mastery of genetic engineering and cybernetic enhancements. Their physical appearance was humanoid in shape, with elongated limbs and fingers, and large, expressive eyes. They had a distinctive, mottled gray skin, which earned them the nickname "gray ones" amongst other civilizations.   The Grylax were a peaceful species, dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the universe. They built impressive cities and structures that still stand today, though many have been abandoned for centuries. They were also skilled in terraforming, and transformed many of the planets in the Thallit Delta sector to suit their needs.   Unfortunately, the Grylax civilization came to an end due to a catastrophic event, the cause of which is still unknown. Many theories abound, including a massive war, a devastating natural disaster, or an experiment gone wrong. The remaining members of the species are said to be few and far between, either living in seclusion or roaming the sector as nomads. Some believe that the Grylax have not truly gone extinct, but have instead transcended physical form and exist as pure energy beings.  

An Encounter with the Last of the Grylax

  The crew of the Hard Bargain were on a routine mining expedition on a rogue planetoid in the Thallit Delta sector when they stumbled upon a shocking discovery. As they were setting up equipment, they noticed movement in the distance. Curiosity getting the better of them, they cautiously approached the source of the movement, weapons at the ready.   As they got closer, they saw a lone figure standing tall and still, its smooth skin glistening in the sunlight. It was a Grylax, an ancient species that was thought to be extinct.   The crew was in awe of the creature, as they had only heard stories and seen drawings of the Grylax in history books. They slowly approached the creature, not wanting to startle it.   The Grylax seemed unfazed by the crew's presence, and it simply stood there, watching them with its large, black eyes. The crew realized that this was not a wild beast, but a sentient being.   Captain Rege Robail, the leader of the crew, stepped forward and spoke to the Grylax in standard. The Grylax responded, and the two began a conversation.   The Grylax told the crew that it had been living on the planetoid for many years, hiding from the rest of the galaxy, as it was the last of its kind. It wanted nothing more than to live out its days in peace and solitude.   The crew of the Hard Bargain understood the Grylax's desire for privacy and promised to leave it in peace. They left the planetoid without disturbing the ancient creature, and the encounter was never reported to the authorities.   The crew would always remember the encounter with the last Grylax, and it would remain a cherished memory for them. They knew that they had been privileged to witness a piece of history that was thought to be lost forever.


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