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Captain Rege Robail and the crew of the "Hard Bargain" had been working together for several years, exploring the galaxy and taking on various jobs. They had built a reputation as a skilled and reliable crew, but they had yet to encounter a situation as dire as the one that would leave them in debt 23 credits with the ship as collateral. It all began when the crew received a job offer to transport a valuable cargo across a dangerous sector of space. The pay was high, and the crew saw it as an opportunity to earn enough money to make much-needed repairs to the "Hard Bargain" and set themselves up for future successful adventures.   However, upon their arrival, they were ambushed by a band of ruthless space pirates, who had learned of the valuable cargo and were determined to seize it. The crew fought bravely, but the pirates had more advanced weapons and outmaneuvered them. They managed to escape with the cargo, leaving the crew stranded with a heavily damaged ship and no means of completing the job.   Desperate to make it back to civilization, Rege and the crew decided to take out a loan, using the "Hard Bargain" as collateral. They borrowed 23 credits to make the necessary repairs to the ship and make their way back home.   The crew worked tirelessly to repay the loan, taking on various jobs and making deliveries to different colonies, but the interest and unexpected expenses kept piling up. Despite their best efforts, the debt continues to be a burden for the crew, and they are still working hard to pay it off and reclaim the full ownership of the "Hard Bargain." They continue to take on new jobs and make sacrifices, in the hopes of being debt-free and securing the future of their beloved ship.

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