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Glass Gardening

Glass is an incredibly important resource to the Weinadi who live underground, which is most of them. It's necessary for them so they can have the light that they still need, since they're not native to underground living. As they've grown more advanced in their creation of transparent materials, weaker glass has fallen out of style for industrial use.   For artistic use, it's incredibly popular.  

The Gardens

  Outside of more professional artists, a common practice for those who just want to play around with the glass is to glass garden. It's a communal project, set in a space nearby a glass workshop. People will take the old fragments and melt them and spin out the impurities. They take these and shape them into abstract forms. These pieces are then taken out to the garden area, where they will be positioned and placed into a pleasing form and solidified there.   Most of the time, different people will handle different parts of the process. One will purify, another will shape, and still another will take those pieces and position them, and another will melt the glass into place to keep the form. It depends on what the person wants to do.   The process continues on, until the garden is complete. Some can be quite small, about the size of a child, dense and full of small details. Others can be massive, spanning the space of a warehouse. Some projects are crafted by a small group or a family. Others are intended to be worked on by the whole community. Others can be worked on by whoever is in the area, a fantastical record of travelers.   To plan out the final product is considered against the almost meditative gardening. It's meant to be purely creative, no forethought or anything more than the consistency and color of the material you use in the moment, with ideas changing from day to day. As such, some of the finished gardens can be quite eclectic. Others can be transcendent.   In the end, most of the gardens are destroyed after a time, to reuse the materials, or else free up the space, but there are others that have been maintained for years at a time. Breakage is considered a part of the garden, not to be repaired but to be added to some other design, to form the base for a new piece.


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Aug 23, 2021 00:58

Oh, this is just beautiful! Definitely one of the most creative pieces I've seen, and I love the depth you've gone into with the process and what values are tied to the art. Keep up the great work!