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Found only in temporally unstable areas and with its ability to blur the facets of time, veilsteel is a highly sought after temporal material. As fate would have it, it's also rare, hard and dangerous to mine, as well as hard to make. Before it's turned into veilsteel, its first know as blurricite. Blurricite is a completely unique material to temporally unstable areas. When harvested it is very unstable and causes minor temporal instability around it. Calling this material blurricit leads many to believe it's some kind of stalactite, and indeed it does grow like one usually from the ceiling down but when mined it behaves more like iron and when worked on it needs to be worked like a metal.


Material Characteristics

Blurricite is one of the most unique looking materials found on Thatalis with its charcoal black coloring and white splotches, it's hard to miss.

Physical & Chemical Properties

As a material made within a temporally unstable area, blurricites is not a normal material and just touching it will let anyone know that. Called blurricite by miners, when in proximity of it the passing of time gets blurred with most not knowing the amount of time they spent mining it. Because of this someone is always assigned to stand outside of the radius of the blurricite with something that can make loud noise if needed to alert the miners. When blurricite has been turned into Veilsteel it's a lot more stable and used to make areas more difficult for Chronal Artists to mess with by veiling the facets of time within its radius.

Geology & Geography

Blurricite is only found in temporally unstable areas, it takes a long time to form and is found underground, in areas where stalactites are common place.

Life & Expiration

Veilsteel has an active life of about a year before it needs to be replaced, though if a chronal artists tries to fight against the veiling affect, it will need to be replaced earlier depending on how powerful the chronal artists was, how hard they tried, and how long they tried for.
–Blurricite before it becomes veilsteel.
Defense: Buildings or areas fortified with veilsteel are harder to affect with temporal manipulation. This is particularly important for political or military facilities that might be targets for temporal attacks.   Camouflage: Objects or individuals hidden by using veilsteel to obscure their temporal signature, make it harder for Chronal Artists to detect or manipulate them.   Neutral Zones: In a society where temporal manipulation is common, there are areas designated as neutral zones where the use of Chronal Artistry is prohibited. These areas are lined with veilsteel to enforce this.   Weaponry: Weapons made of Veilsteel disrupts an Artist's connection to their own temporal facets, potentially neutralizing their abilities during combat.
charcoal black, with splotches of white at random
Melting / Freezing Point
blurricite has a melting point that is half again that of iron, melting at a sweltering 2307 ℃
Common State


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