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Day of Light


The ceremony was initially part of the worship of Osyn, the god of light. It has since extended to most of the rest of the Mortal Realm. The devout of the god of light would gather at the local temple and give thanks to his protection during the previous year and pray for guidance of the year to follow.   People that do not worship Osyn but still practice this holiday will gather with family members and give thanks for the year that had passed and wish for good fortune upon each other for the year to come.

Components and tools

The devoted of Osyn would give thanks for the year that passed depending on their profession. Farmers would bring their prized crop or livestock and donate them to the local temple. Other professions such as scribes, poets and minstrels would write songs, poems or some variation to provide in reverence.   Other religions would gather in clan, family or tribal groups and each provide a dish for the feast.


On the last day of the year, the god of light Osyn breaks his arrangement with his brother Nagtelik, the god of darkness. Instead of resting for half of the day and handing the watch over The Mortal Realm to his brother he instead provides his radiance to the entire realm for the full duration of the day. During this day there is no night.
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