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Medericus Silverfang (a.k.a. Dickerus)

With zero help from his best dragon bud, Medericus packed up his weapons by himself, letting out passive aggressive huffs and "I'll just do it myself" the whole time before he even realized that Jasttor was already halfway out the door. Medericus didn't realize that Jasttor was so eager to lose, but who was he to deny him his wish? Besides, unbeknownst to Jasttor, Medericus not only planned on outlasting his less-shiny bronze counterpart, but going as far as earning another W. Jasttor may be more proficient with using weapons to hack and slash at things, but Medericus was a trickster after all; he had a thing or seven up his sleeve.   Finally packed and outside, Medericus gave his keys a couple of tickles, preparing the introductions for the two. "Best for last, so you're up first," expressed Medericus, giving a gesture of his hand letting Jasttor step forward first. He played a couple of keys, turning into the intro of Electric Avenue before announcing his opponent. "The Challenger... He's bronze and holy, both from his paladin beliefs and a little bit of teething from a dead dragon. He stands at shorter than Medericus feet tall. He's gonna be completely shocked by the results of this fight. His name is..... Jasttor Blooooooodaaaaaaaw."   Medericus then began to play the keys some more. Before continuing any further, he realized this wasn't a grand enough entrance for himself, one might even say not glorious enough, and decided to cast Major Image where he stood, giving the illusion that there was a grand stage with a giant jumbotron. Music began blaring out, a beautiful chorus about how glorious Medericus was, and such wonderful, fucking beautiful pianoing, followed by a gorgeous guitar riff. "AND YOUR CHAMPION! He is more handsome, and literally cooler than his opponent. Definitely taller than Jasttor feet tall. He is absolutely GLORIOUS! Medericus. 'The Silver Tongue'. SiiiiiiiiiilverFaaaaaaaaaaang. And now Jasttor," he said with a wave of his hand, dismissing the grand, nay, GLORIOUS illusion, continuing on with "it's time to d-d-d-d-d-duel!"

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Very strong "mountain man" large type body

Special abilities

can sing and make shit happen

Apparel & Accessories

Leather jacket, hoop rings in his side fin on the left, and jeans (general 80's aesthetic)   Medericus's Keytar

Specialized Equipment

Stone of Far Speech pinned in the collar of his jacket, special keytar instrument used as his spell focus, Ring of Protection, circlet of healing and acrobatics

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very good at charming people, bad at being humble

Vices & Personality flaws

Can't resist a pretty face


Delphine Shae'lote

Mother of their child (Important)

Towards Miirik




Father of their child (Vital)

Towards Delphine Shae'lote




Medericus slept with Delphine as a one-off thing in Ai'orn during the arc Into Darkness. It resulted in a child.

Relationship Reasoning

They are both the biological parents of the child Delphine is carrying.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Year of Birth
4262 CE 23 Years old
Current Residence
Zhayeria Metalhearts Guild
Biological Sex
Pansexual with heavy female preference
Gender Identity
None; a long silver fin in the shape of a mohawk and backwards-curving, ridged horns
Quotes & Catchphrases
"You ever fucked a dragon?"
Aligned Organization
The Metalhearts
Known Languages
Common, Draconic

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