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The Durmish

Durish or Durms is the outsider term for the native human population of the tropical southeastern subcontinent of Dore. While the numerous tribes of the area have difference among themselves, they are genetically and culturally distinct from other ethnicises. Historically subjugated and without access to easily farm-able land they were traditionally the most socially excluded ethnicity of Terrassa. While they seem to have been largely unaffected by the Age of Ignorance they still suffer from many geographical disadvantages.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Ilnel, Alsee, Oorl, Befi

Masculine names

Gintu, Pall, Hintu, Gigo

Unisex names

Haltu, Hanin. Iku, Kikn

Family names

Shrena, Iktan, Bfunau, Paft


Average technological level

With recent, less disturbed by outsider development. Some Durish communities have begun to inhabit cities, use carts, and complex levers. Difficult lands have lead to unique solutions for farming, not seen in other areas of the world.

Common Dress code

Methods of dress varies widely between tribes, though few of them find much use for modesty.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Strangers must be received with respect, often with food and an exchange of words, frequently, as it is said, they are no longer a stranger.

Coming of Age Rites

Inspired by the hard lives the Durish live, almost universally tribes demand of their young adults to endure some measure of difficult trial in order to be considered adults worthy of the rights and responsibilities of a full tribe member. While the nature of this challenge can vary from tribe to tribe, frequent trials involve swimming across swift rivers, climbing tall trees, and hunting fierce creatures.


Beauty Ideals

Facial mud paints under the eyes are considered extremely attractive in females.

Gender Ideals

Wisdom is valued in men, whereas strength and stamina is valued in women.

Courtship Ideals

Many Durish tribes, as an extension of their strong familiar ties, must court not only their desired partner, but prove their worthiness to their potential love's extended family.

Relationship Ideals

Durish relationships are strictly monogamous, adulterers frequently face fierce punishments.
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