A land of epic adventure, fantasy, eletech and Victorian style

Welcome to the Elemental Revolution! Terranon is a land in the midst of a new Golden Age of technology where the power of elementals has been harnessed to run industry, travel, and everyday life. This is a time rife with possibility, on the cusp of discovery and invention, where anyone can be anything, so long as they can imagine it!

What is Terranon?

Terranon is a roleplaying world using the rule set for D&D 5e heavily focused on collaborative writing. It is a fantasy setting incorporating Victorian style and elemental magic, rich with adventure and exploration, as well as the dark side of progress lurking beneath the surface.   The game is played via text on our Discord server and is focused on small group, party-style play while being set in a backdrop of a wide world of other characters and interactions. Our game can accommodate everything from a player who wants to be online every night and involved in social interaction to people who are only able to show up for the game night of their particular party.   As a community, we are committed to a safe and healthy gaming environment where everyone feels heard and welcomed. In-character drama might occur, and is the stuff of great stories, but at the end of the day we want the people behind the computer screen to feel as safe and comfortable in our community as possible.
While the Nobles still rule, the Commoners gain more and more freedoms, progress pushing ever onward. Terranon is a world ahead of its time, with Victorian fashion and style, genteel mannerisms, and a far more open outlook on gender, sexuality, race, and religion.
Author's Note: This space is heavily under construction still and will remain so until our live date of November 2022. Constructive feedback can be sent directly to Jake.

Ready to join the fun?

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