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Terrani is the main world of our story it is a land shaped by war, gods and magic. Terrani is primarily inhabited by humans though there are still a great many non-human species remaining. Collectively these non-humand are called the Myrae. Though there are many strides to promote inter-species peace and unity in recent years, it is not a uniform practice and small disagreements frequently pop up between species. Recently a treaty was passed and agreed upon by the majority of Terrani's 7 remaining Continents called the Inter-Species Cooperation Treaty and it is enforced by a group known as the MICA. The MICA work as a kind of police force insuring that the ISC is followed and strive to bring peace and prosperity to all species on every continent.   Due to a great war in ancient times unrestrained magic was released upon the world causing it to crack and break. Causing whole Continents to disappear from the world. However after the destruction had settled it seemed at least some of the missing continents were located behind mysterious locations dubbed the Veils. The species left on those worlds have evolved and changed with little to no contact with Terrani itself and now the veils are guarded as dangerous.   Currently there are 5 continents on mainland Terrani. There are 8 Veils of which 3 are easily passed through. Beyond the 3 active Veils only 2 are on good terms with Terrani and the other is forbidden by the inhabitants on the other side. The veils are guarded by the MICA's most powerful members known as Magi. The Magi are stationed at each veil, insuring that if something ever does access it, Terrani can be protected in case they are hostile in order to keep another magic war from happening.