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Ashur ben-Damos

Ashur ben-Damos (a.k.a. Demonborn)

Ashur's family has long coveted the power of the Umara and sought to claim it by whatever means necessary. Unable to court the political power or gather sufficient military might to take it, they turned to other means. Souls were traded and deals were struck and demon blood was given to the family.   Ashur was the first child born of the stock of the Radiant Wing of the Dawn and nearly from his birth, he was trained to be the heroic general that would lead his family to greatness and power beyond their imaginings. It didn't take long for his family to realize that with the power of the demon's blood came... consequences.   Even as a child, Ashur was petty and spiteful. He tracked grudges with meticulous care, ensuring that any who had wronged him felt his wrath tenfold, even if they would never know he had engineered it. The malice that lurked within him began to scare even his parents and before his seventeenth birthday, Ashur was disowned and cast out.   His skills and his knowledge didn't fade as Ashur left the Firelands, penniless and with only a stolen relic to his name. He was still trained as a warrior, still full of malicious lust to enact his vengeance on those who wronged him. And no one had wronged him more than his own family.

Personality Characteristics


Ashur lives to destroy those who have harmed him, especially his own family. He obsessively plots to thwart their plans and ensure that they do not claim the power he was born to seize for them.


Social Aptitude

Ashur was raised in high society in the Firelands and retains his ability to interact with nobility.

Behind the soft smile and easy nature, something evil lurks in Ashur's eyes. His demon blood manifests subtly, but he keeps his ledgers close and reminds everyone that the bill comes due.

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Lawful Selfish
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Formerly of a noble family
The Firelands
Brown, with shades of purple and red
White with red highlights
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
160 lbs
Aligned Organization


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