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Terra Prime

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Terra Prime is a planet with two worlds existing independently from one another upon it. On the outside, there is Terra, or Earth, a futuristic world somewhat like our own, except with magic and vampires and superheroes. Accessible to the greater universe, Terra must contend with the attentions of other worlds. Terra is home to a secretive cabal of powerful individuals known as the TPDS, who protect it from external threats, internal threats, and, most importantly, each other.   On the inside, there is Gyr (also spelled Gaia), a world created as a sanctuary millions of years ago by the saurian ancestors of dragons in the face of extinction. Today it is populated by elves, orcs, dwarves and a myriad of other fantastic creatures. Alongside these, humans eke out an existence, wielding magic and other, stranger powers. Magic is common here, and the various cultures of the world, while quite insular, live in relative peace with one another. The outer world is all but forgotten, existing mostly as a footnote in ancient creation myths.   Between the two lies the etheric realm, home to gods, angels, demons, fae and the primal forces of the universe.