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Shadow Ghost

Shadow Ghosts are the spawn of the larger shadow monsters that live in the Shadow Forest. When a shadow monster devours a creature it also creates a shadow creature in a form similar to the devoured creature. Shadow ghosts are completely bound to the will of the shadow monster that created them.

The ghosts roam the Shadow Forest in search of sustenance. They completely drain living creatures of all life energy leaving behind a husk. Stories of people who travelled in the Shadow Forest tell also that you see more shadow ghosts as you get closer to a lair of a shadow monster.

They were completely unaffected by my sword going through them. It was like I was cutting air. If not for my magically gifted friend I doubt I would make out of there alive
— An adventurer
Shadow Ghost of a human by Made with MidJourney by KajetanWrites
Immortal (can only be killed with magic)
Geographic Distribution


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