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Iron Hold

A large underground city in the Kingdom of Ruvrock that is built into Mount Fermonralt, also known as the Iron Mountain.  The mountain itself is known for being a source of iron that doesn't rust.  The city itself is built inside Ondrom's Cavern, a massive cavern with three stalactites and stalagmites pairs built to be columns by the dwarves.  A yellow to cream-colored stone is built around the columns creating large buildings that either hang from the stalactite or are built up from the stalagmite.  Each of the columns is connected to the others with a series of cables on both the upper and lower portions of the columns.  Large cable cars can be seen moving between the different columns, transporting dwarves and their goods.

City Districts

  The city is comprised of four different districts, the three columns and the city sprawling out on the cavern floor. The districts each have a different level of affluence and driving economic system. Each column is between 400 and 500 feet tall, supporting the main cavern of Ondrom. There is roughly a quarter of a mile between the columns.

Rose District

The Rose Quartz district, or Rose for short, is known for hosting the Guild of Engineering. A larger portion of the interior of the column is devoted to the Guild's Hall, Thorbik Hall. It is a large open area full of several workspaces dedicated to a number of different pursuits, namely pushing the dwarven steam technology forward. The guild hall is only rivaled by those in Dorumtal within the Kingdom of Khalthrum and Hammerspur. Individuals are able to find anything that an artificer or tinkerer might need. As such the column is home to many different tinkerer shops and is decently affluent, but not as nearly affluent as the Opal district.

Opal District

The Opal district is the seat of government for the city and as such is considered the rich part of the city. Many mansions and estates make up the majority of the column, with smaller residential areas built toward the top and bottom of the column that support the ancillary service workers.

Citrine District

The market district, or the Citrine District, holds the merchants, businesses, and craftsmen of the city. Within the column there are a number of large open sections held up with smaller iron columns. Each of these areas is roughly 30 to 40 feet tall, allowing for independent 2-story structures to be built within the spaces.

Zircon District

The underbelly of the city, the Zircon District is made up of the under privileged and working class. A number of large mines can be found through out the sprawl and the dust from the work fills the lower section of the cavern. There are several large passages to smaller caverns at the edges of the cavern, these caverns are known as the farm caverns. These are considered part of the district but really fall just outside of what is considered the city. These farm caverns provide the food for the city by growing large mushrooms, harvesting Lusterfly eggs, and Entolurk ranching.
Large city

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